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in the Middle East, and the Palestinian issue, reported the local National Information Agency. Machado and Treki also discussed the Cuban resolution against the U.S. economic, comm

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an to act quickly to resolve the international community's deep concerns over Iran's nuclear program," he added. The Obama administration has renewed its effort to engage Rouhani s

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deficit by at least 1.2 trillion dollars over the next decade. Failure to do so by Wednesday would trigger cross-the-board spending cuts of the same amount starting 2013, includi

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or the attack. To the moment the victims have not been identified yet, and the aggressors escaped. On June 10, another armed group attacked a rehabilitation clinic in Chihuahua city

10 Health Benefits: What Secrets Do Watermelons Keep?

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uch more difficult to convince end users to shift to the open-source software, he said. "The most difficult part of the migration campaign is to convince the end users, because Cub

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ligence Advisory Board and a professor at Georgetown University. Hagel said that he was grateful for the opportunity to serve the troops and to help "strengthen our country and ou

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lly dissolved. Earlier Friday, NDP leader Andrea Horwath said her party has lost confidence in Wynne and her ability to deliver and would vote against the budget that she describe

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s from home-grown terrorists," or U.S. persons radicalized on U.S. soil and receiving terrorist training either at home or elsewhere, according to Napolitano. She conceded authori

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ident Juan Manuel Santos said he would thank the Ecuadorian government for its collaboration during the raid. In response to this, Lucas said Santo's declarations "are of its own,

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arents like Maria are selfish and rely on "herd immunity" to protect their offspring. "Of course these kids don't usually get sick, because the other children are vaccinated! If we

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vember general elections. "I have had my debate there in Arizona and I have looked over all the wonderful people that have put them up for nomination and I have decided that I'm go

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