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implementing the policy in the wake of the murder of nine Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics as a method of curtailing terror attacks locally and against Israeli citize.


saying. Over 100 searches, seizures and arrest warrants were issued in the operation, which also uncovered participants in child pornography rings in Portugal, Colombia, Mexico, .


tte, citing Article 21 of the Cuban Constitution "which guarantees the right to personal ownership of the assets that satisfy the material and cultural needs of the persons." The l.

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and finance ministry are also becoming pros at the jeitinho -- albeit the legal kind," the FT claimed. The FT had especially criticized Finance Minister Guido Mantega's request th.

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luctuations are uninformative, and people who trust scientists therefore ignore this information when forming opinions about global warming's existence," Krosnick added. "But peop.

ple did not show up for work on Friday. Monterrey is Mexico's most industrialized city and part of an area dedicated to manufacturing for export that spread across all of Mexico's .

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