e immune system to efficiently respond. Gomez said the treatment "begins with an induction period, with five dosages of intradermal injection every 14 days." It is expected the vacc.

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s they always have in the past." In the budget for FY 2012 that begins Oct. 1, the Pentagon asked for 553.1 billion dollars for its "base" defense budget which excludes the cost o.

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tudents interested in learning about foreign countries and different cultures. It has made stops in Cuba for the past decade. The ship was named in honor of Norwegian explorer Tho.

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not pursued in a hasty, ill-conceived way that would undermine the military's ability." WASHINGTON, April 18 (Xinhua) -- The Pentagon announced Monday that there was no sufficie.

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ending cuts to woo back those conservative Republicans who had defected. Democrats and Republicans disagreed mainly on two points -- the level of disaster aid and whether to offse.

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andidate, the tax aims at educating the population and encouraging investments to the activities less harmful to the environment. She also highlighted the importance to avoid oil s .

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joint efforts. Among the accords signed is a significant investment in Venezuela's Orinoco Oil Belt, one of the world's largest hydrocarbon reserves, to boost oil extraction from .

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Economic Council and the Council of Economic Advisors of the White House. The reduced spending of 200 billion dollars was approximately four times the total amount that 226 millio.

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d Enrique Santos Calderon, the president's brother. Representing the FARC were a military commander known as " Mauricio, The Doctor," and rebel leaders Rodrigo Granda, Marcos Caba.

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