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egate share of income declined for the middle quintile and the changes in the shares of aggregate income for the lowest two quintiles were not statistically significant, it added.

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t was unfit to stand trial after a staff psychologist and a forensic psychiatrist agreed that at this time he was unfit mentally to stand trial due to symptoms of schizophrenia. Bu

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rs Du Jing, Wang Fengfeng WASHINGTON, March 7 (Xinhua) -- Super Tuesday was supposed to provide some clarity to the roller-coaster race for the Republican presidential nomination.

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on found that the SUV left at Times Square had an explosive device smoldering inside. There was no explosion. The device was dismantled and there were no reports of injuries. New Y

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, and jeopardizing coverage for millions of Americans, and I hope the Supreme Court overturns it." WASHINGTON, May 26 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday ruled in favor

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deal with the challenges the nation is facing -- lackluster economic growth, stubbornly high jobless rate and huge debt and deficit. Obama is set to deliver a speech to a joint s

香蕉视频破解版apk -中国高清vivoes

rs when mass shootings prompted gun control debates that eventually petered out. "It doesn't look like the Colorado shootings will galvanize the gun control issue," said Darrell M