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g on Israel and Palestine to resume talks as soon as possible. "We re-affirmed our commitment to comprehensive peace, and to the common objective of achieving a two state solution


prompted the temporary closure of a street around the courthouse, it was reported. WASHINGTON, Aug. 2 (Xinhua) -- A man has been detained for climbing over the White House fence.


ations that the Brazilian government required, Figueiredo added. Washington's rampant spying, which also reportedly targeted German leader Angela Merkel and other world leaders, h.


nd three months later, they announced a bilateral agreement offering transit over Russian air space for U. S. supplies to its operations in Afghanistan. "This agreement provides .


Yasukuni Shrine in central Tokyo, which honors Japan's war dead, including 14 Class-A World War II criminals. The visit has sparked outcries from China, South Korea and the Democra.

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able to cross the border," Perez-Jacome said. The original transportation chapter in the North American Free Trade Agreement between Mexico, the U.S. and Canada, allowed Mexican t.

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ied assisted housing because a crime was committed against them, and the Justice Department is releasing new tools and best practice to judges, advocates, and law enforcement to .

fted. The curfew ended in parts of the states of Bio Bio, Arauco and Nuble due to improved security conditions, military General Guillermo Ramirez said. The curfew in Concepcion wi.

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