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y were more employed in the construction industry and more likely to live and buy homes in states such as California, Florida, Nevada and Arizona, which were in the vanguard of t

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recommendations can safely managing a patient" with Ebola, CDC Director Tom Frieden tweeted Saturday, apparently responding to remarks like Trump's. "In the past decade, there have

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ained to use the system next month, Goodrich said. The city lawmakers in 2005 approved a 5.47-million-dollar contract to install video cameras in the South Bureau -- which include

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this year took place as "the world begins a fragile recovery from the greatest economic crisis in generations." The summit, which drew leaders of the world's eight major industria

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ernment's investment in supporting the Brazilian athletes," she said. The stipend is from 370 to 3,100 reais (204 to 1,712 U.S. dollars) and is paid to junior and adult athletes i

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shortly after takeoff at an airport in the U.S. city of Dallas Thursday because of a reported engine fire, local media reported. American Airlines flight 2287, a twin-engine Boein

五十度飞 -44444页面紧急转跳中

m 30 Latin American and Caribbean countries began talks here Thursday aimed at pressing ahead with plans for regional energy integration. Venezuelan Energy Minister Rafael Ramirez